Welcome to IronOakIT

We are a long time Calgary IT support company offering a wide variety of solutions for you and your business!

Your Partner in Productivity

We offer a wide variety of Services and a comprehensive software package that allows our Client Care Agents to remotely access your computers. This allows us to remotely troubleshoot, diagnose and in most cases resolve any technical issues that may be interfering with your computer system workflow.

This saves you time, money and productivity! Click here to Download the software and begin a free 30 day trial!

When your computer systems go down Business can come to a grinding halt. IronOak IT is your partner in preventing downtime.

In cases in where an issue cannot be resolved remotely; the technician will already have an understanding of the issue and in most cases have it diagnosed before arriving onsite; therefore, swiftly solving the issue upon arrival.

Furthermore the services include and allow for the all your computer systems to be automatically updated and maintained through a scheduled routine or on a one time basis when required. We will automatically run system maintenance tools remotely, ensuring that the your systems are attaining maximum performance. Allowing you and your employees to do likewise.

We collect all system logs and analyze them for system errors. Our Seasoned Technicians will identify and solve these issues when necessary.

We monitor, logs and reports, machine changes, network stats and uptime history.

The software we provide also allows you to access your own computers remotely, the same way our technicians would and allows for transferring files remotely or locally.

This is greatly beneficial to people who want to access the office computers from home or while traveling. This Ensures you will always have a direct link to the office, all software, files and programs.

The Software allows for easy administration of user privileges and access rights for individuals users as well as individual workstations. The software is web based allowing for administrator access from any computer with internet access, therefore creating a mobile and firewall friendly administration environment.

We provide full training for the software we offer.

We also manage and keep track of all assets. All network, hardware and software configurations, s/n numbers, types, versions, locations and descriptions.

With our patch management services we track all versions of software installed and available upgrades. We have the ability to initiate system and software updates automatically and remotely.

Our offsite backup management services include a software package that will allow the client to back up their hard drive with a few clicks of the mouse. This sends all the backup data of a secure encrypted connection to a remote server where it is safely stored. When retrieving the back-up data it is sent back over the internet to their computer. All data remains encrypted while being sent and stored; keeping sensitive information completely secure. All the information that you have backed up on our server is also backed up on a second server residing in a different physical location.

The products we deal with and provide to our clients are:

IronOak Back up appliance

This device is attached to the your network locally and utilized in such cases where you would want to back up your Data on their Laptop Desktop or Office Server.

The Backup appliance is compatible with most Common Operating Systems.[/toggle_content]

If a client purchases this device we offer free set up and configuration.
We do offer services on this device. The first being our Managed Replications Service, in where you’re backed up Data would then be replicated and stored on our back-up server in our Data Center. This will be beneficial in the event of disaster or hardware malfunction.
An alternative service we provide to this is that we would host the Clients own dedicated back-up server in our Data center keeping all OS and Configuration uniform ensuring safe and secure storage as well as seamless restoration of stored data if necessary. If required we are able to provide assistance in setting up more complex Databases and server stores.

Small Business Serversuperoferta-300x165

Compiles all Company Data in to one Central Location; this in turn will provide Security, promote productivity and prevent Data Loss due to system malfunction or Human Error.



Xerox Products

We supply a range of Xerox Products for all Fax, Copy and Print needs. This includes the Machines, Toner and Accessories


FortiVoice hybrid VoIP phone systemtalkswitch no bkgd

We offer VoIP telephone Hybrid Solutions Which can greatly improve office productivity and save on long distance. With our FortiVoice VoIP hybrid Office wide communication is made possible VIA the Intranet and World Wide Long distance is available over the Internet. The phones are user friendly and feature rich giving maximum flexibility and manageability to the end user. Our Technicians will set up and configure the FortiVoice phones and phone system over the clients existing Office Network and designate each desired phone with an internal extension. Advanced features include: Voicemail to Email, Ring groups, Remote extensions, Music on hold and Auto attendants


Service Level agreement

IronOak IT offers a Service Level agreement to our Clients, providing them with Priority on Call Support, Flat rate fees and Discounts of %10-%30 on other Products or services.

A Service level agreement or SLA of IronOaks services can be geared to a customer’s specific needs; this will be discussed with a sales representative in order to arrange a flat rate monthly fee.