How healthy is your technology?

checkbox1  Is Your Antivirus on the right version?

checkbox1  Do you have a UPS?

checkbox1  Do You know when the UPS batteries are due for replacement?

checkbox1  Is the UPS rated for the load of the items plugged into it?

checkbox1  Do you have an automated back up?

checkbox1  Is your email backed up?

checkbox1  Are you backing up all critical folders to a server?

checkbox1  Have you tested your online backup for file recovery?

checkbox1  Is your router configuration backed up or documented?

checkbox1  If your server crashed, how long it would take to restore

             data and programs and get your business running again?

checkbox1  Do you know where your license keys are located?

checkbox1  If you need service, do you know who you can rely on?

checkbox1  Do they understand your business and your specific needs?

If you’ve checked  No  3 or more times,  you are at risk!

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