The IronOak Backup Appliance for Your Business

It is Unique!

The IronOak Offsite Backup Server (IronOakOBS) can now be installed on any supported NAS device to form a powerful NAS Backup Appliance. NAS devices cost a fraction of a file server with the same storage capabilities. This IronOakNAS Backup Appliance will be an ideal low cost in-house backup solution for companies mentioned above. This is a unique solution that you cannot find elsewhere!

Steps to Success

First, purchase a supported Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and our IronOak Backup Software. We’ll install the IronOakOBS on your NAS device free of charge. We will also help you set up your first backup schedule, again at no charge. In no time you will be backing up your important data and computer configurations to your own a in-house backup solution.
This backup might be important data stored on your desktop, on your Mac laptop, or on your office file server. We support most common operating systems including:
Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / Windows 7
Mac OS 10.2 or above
Linux kernel 2.4 or above
Netware 5.1 / 6.0 sp4 / 6.5 sp1 or above
also Solaris 2.x or above, AIX, HP-UX and FreeBSD

With this unique IronOakNAS Backup Appliance you can add the following additional safeguards:

1. Our Managed Replication Service

Your critical data is backed up on your own IronOakNAS Backup Appliance. Great!

Now, what if a catastrophic equipment failure or a disaster occurs at your business location? Your data will only be protected if a copy was kept in a physically seperate location. This is where our Data Replication service comes in. We can copy the changes to your Backup Appliance to our Offsite Replication Servers at our data centre, and provide secure restoration should the need arise.

2. Your own Dedicated Replication Server

Another alternative for replication service is to host a dedicated replication server at our data centre. This is a second IronOak NAS Backup Appliance running on identical hardware to your office NAS and dedicated to keeping an exact copy of your important data. Hosting this physical NAS replication server offsite provides both physical seperation of your backup and easy restoration in the event of loss or disaster at your business location.

As well, we can provide you with guidance to setting up specific backup sequences for important data from numerous more complex environments including:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server message stores
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Lotus Domino / Lotus Notes databases
  • Oracle databases
  • MySQL databases

Full Force Support from IronOak

Our professional support team is always available in helping you resolve any tricky technical issues. Your IronOakNAS Backup Appliance is a unique solution you cannot find anywhere else. It offers a brand new opportunity for you to safeguard your important business data while maintaining in house control over the scheduling. Contact our sales representatives to get more details of this proposition immediately!