Know Your Business Data Is Safe and Recoverable


survey by Ontrack has shown the major causes of data loss to be hardware

malfunction and human error (82% of the cases), followed by software corruption, Virus, and natural disasters. When it comes to backing up your data, not having a plan is planning for disaster!


How IronOak IT Offsite Backup Works To Secure Your Business Data:


IronOak IT OBS (Offsite Backup Manager) installed on anycomputer runs scheduled backups. The data is transferred via an encrypted internet channel to IronOak Offsite Back-Up Server.
A Laptop equipped with IronOak ACB (A-Click Backup), runs independent from the rest of your network, so your data created when traveling is secured.

The IronOak OBS (Offsite Backup Server) receives your backup data already encrypted, and stores it under your business account. You data is only retrievable and accessible to you (Not even IronOak Staff can see it) since you hold the encryption key.

The IronOak Replication Server is an extra layer of security. All data housed on the Ir
IronOak backup clients run on Windows, Mac, Linux, Netware, AIX, HP-UX and other systems.onOak OBS is replicated to this server located in different physical location on a daily basis. This ensures your data is recoverable even in the unlikely event that the original OBS server becomes unavailable.

We can backup you files, disk images, Outlook .pst, Exchange servers, MS SQL, MySQL, Domino and more.

Checkout our current offsite backup pricing plans in PDF: downloadGet an even better deal when you combine a backup plan with other services in a SLA package. 



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Don’t be fooled by Flat Rate Backup Plans!


[toggle_content title=”Know the Real Cost.”]Storage is cheap.  It’s getting your data into the backup server that’s expensive.  So why pay to rent someone else’s hard drive?

As time goes on, the amount of data you have accumulates.  You’ll typically add about the same amount each month.

With a “flat rate” plan, you pay by storage.  As your data grows, so does your rate!  As your business grows, this rate is exponential!  Before you know it, that “flat rate” will become harder to budget.

With a “transfer plan”, you pay for what you transfer each month.  Your bill growth is much less, often times not even increasing!  Imagine that: Paying the same rate 3 years from now as you pay today!  Try that with a “flat rate” plan.


Let’s compare.


IronOak IT On-Line backup:  $4/GB transferred, $5/month minimum monthly charge.

Popular competitor: $4/month + $0.50 per GB stored (pulled today from their website).

The competitor is 1/8 the cost?  Only on the surface.  Let’s look at the numbers.

Let’s say you have 1.5GB of data to transfer each month.  That’s $6/month for IronOak, and $5/month for the competitor.  Where did that 1/8 go?  licensing fee.

Roll forward 12 months.  Using a simple Excel spread sheet I see this:  You have 18GB of data stored and are still uploading 1.5GB per month.  IronOak: $6/month.  Competitor: $13/month.  Big difference?  In those 12 months, you’ve paid $106.50 to our competitor, or $72 to us.  That’s dinner for two.

Now lets leap to the 3-year mark.  You now have 54GB of data backed up.  Competitor: $31/month.  IronOak: $6/month.  The totals?  Competitor: $643.50.  IronOak: $216.  Not so small a difference now.

Let’s increase the amount of data to 5GB per month, just to see what happens.

Competitor: $6.50 for the first month.  $34 for month 12 with a total of $ $243 spent.  At 3 years, $94 per month with a total of$1,809 spent.  Ouch.

IronOak: $20 for the first month.  $20 for month 12 with a total of $240 spent.  At 3 years, still $20 per month, and a total of $720 spent.


I tried playing with the numbers in the spread sheet, but no matter how much transfer I put in, I can’t get our 3-year mark to be higher than the competitor.

At 7 years, which your accountant will no doubt tell you is how long you need to keep records, well, I’m not even going to bore you with the numbers.  Suffice to say, we will still be the same price.  The competition will be charging you enough for your own backup server.

Add in our ability to perform “seed loads” to get your initial backup done faster (this works for restores too), and the fact that we will actually question any invoice that shows an unusually small transfer, and you can’t go wrong.


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