Are you certain your entire network is secure with the latest updates from Microsoft and definition files from you anti-virus vender?

It can easily become a full time job for any internal IT guy. Why not outsource it to IronOak managed services and save yourself the time and money?
Through the installed agent our system will scan each system on your network and ensure the latest patches, security updates and software updates are deployed. This process will silently work without interrupting your business operations.

The result, is your network on the cutting edge of security with continuous heightened reliability.

Rest assured the reporting module will keeping you in the loop of all the new progress your network is making.

Easy and Fast Deployment

Get your clients up and running in minutes
No additional software to install
Does not require any Patch Management servers or additional software
Ensures that all systems are protected – regardless of location

Automatic and Recurring Patch Scans

Scheduled or ad-hoc Patch Management quickly determines which patches are required
Managed by computer, group or user-defined collections of computers
Scan an unlimited number of systems for installed and missing patches
Automate the tedious process of researching individual patches
Identifies patches that are already installed and the date installed
Monitor and maintain patch compliance for all of your clients

Automated Patch Deployment

Scheduled by time, computer, group or user-defined collections of computers
Simultaneous deployment for all required patches quickly brings systems up-to-date
Support for complete Roll-Back from within the administrator console
Easily deploy patches across multiple operating systems
Support for Windows 2003, 2000, NT, XP, 98 and 95
Configure single rollout strategy and apply to all clients

Flexible Configuration

Patch file location: Microsoft Windows Update website, Virtual System Administrator network or local machine
Patch file parameters: IronOak IT Patch Management fully supports all switches and configurations
Flexible reboot actions and end-user notifications
rollback” individual updates on a specific machine or group of machines in case problems occur due to patch

Managed Services Client Reports

Graphical Client Reports with Drill-Down Capability
On Demand or Scheduled Reports
Easily configure reports for Email delivery
Export reports to HTML, Excel or Word