You are kept up to date with an entire hardware and software inventory for your business. Its easy with IronOak IT Managed Services.


The IronOak Agent scans all software and hardware on your network. Hardware changes and software upgrades are tracked so that you know exactly what has been implemented. This lets you know where you stand with software licensing, and what future upgrades can be made.

The Reporting component is used to update your asset management status.



  • Complete system inventory and custom configuration
  • Networks, servers, workstations and mobile systems
  • Location independent – LAN, WAN, Remote systems behind firewalls or using NAT
  • All hardware: CPUs, PCI cards, memory and drives with user notes
  • All installed software: Licenses, version numbers, path and description
  • System information from DMI and SMBIOS including:
  1. System make, model, serial number, motherboard type
  2. Over 40 more custom configuration items
  • Operating System information, version number and service pack
  • Current network configuration settings including:
  • LAN, WAN, VPN and gateway IP addresses
  • DNS, WINS, DHCP, and MAC address
  • Local and network printers