There are many different levels of backup, from keeping a copy of your resume on a flash drive to having full disaster recovery capabilities, and everything in between.

Do you have a backup plan, or just a backup?


Since this is an offsite backup service, we’ll start with the simplest form of a real backup.

Keep a copy of your Documents and Pictures folders on our server, or any other folders that hold important information. This provides several key benefits over a flash-drive or other external drive:

It’s automated. Human error accounts for an incredible amount of lost data. Forgetting to update your backup set, or not properly validating it can lose you some important information.
It’s got rollback. Say what? That means, if you made a drastic change to a document, or outright deleted it, thinking you no longer need it, you can still go back. A basic backup will have that change or deletion replicated. We’ll still have a copy of the old file, right along side the new version. The length of time we keep these files is adjustable, from 7 days to 7 years. (We can go longer, but 7 years is the longest term your accountant will want.)
Your backup is in a different physical location. That means when disaster strikes (your basement office gets flooded, the building explodes, etc), we’ve still got your data in a secure location. Sure, you need a new office and a new computer, but that’s what insurance is for. A simple restore and you’re back in action, right where you left off. Business-destroying disasters are reduced to a minor interruption.
The next step up is usually used with a properly configured server. In addition to it’s own internal redundancy, you’ll want the above key backup PLUS the server state. Simply point the “system state” backup to a folder we’re capturing on a daily basis, and now recovery is even faster. The system state backup, combined with a full data backup, can have you back up and running without having to re-do all of the configuration.

At the top end, we’ll have absolutely everything backed up, including a clone of your boot partition. After the server is configured with the desired software packages, we take a snapshot of your server’s boot drive. This way when the hard drive fails (the only part that’s 100% guaranteed to fail at some point), we can slap in a new drive, image the clone onto the new drive, restore the “system state” to get your user changes, and restore your data.

There is never a charge to give you back your data. It belongs to you, we’re not in the business of holding it ransom. We’ll even help you get it all back into place if you need it.